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Are you based in Manchester and looking for a car expert to remap your car's ECU to improve its performance? Perhaps an unknown fault has just appeared on your dashboard, and you need an expert to diagnose, pinpoint and address the cause of the issue. You might have just discovered your car’s air conditioning system is just outputting warm air and needs a service to keep you cool during the hot summer days. Maybe the car theft statistics in your local area of Manchester have increased, and you want an Immobiliser installed in your car to enhance your vehicle's security. Has your once comfortable car developed stability systems issues and requires an auto electrician to troubleshoot it to restore a once smooth and stable ride?

At Skilled Specialist UK, we understand the importance of quality workmanship and excellent customer service. That's why we always use the latest technology and equipment to diagnose and fix any issues, and we strive to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our services.

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ECU Remapping

Are you seeking to enhance the performance of your car with expert assistance? Our Manchester electricians specialise in ECU remapping. This process involves changing the factory settings of a vehicle's engine control unit (ECU), commonly known as "ECU tuning or chipping". ECU remapping typically improves vehicle performance by increasing power, torque and fuel efficiency while at the same time increasing performance by increasing torque output and improving fuel economy. Still, the improper implementation could cause multiple issues that would compromise its integrity and cause significant losses as well.

What Is ECU Remapping?

ECU remapping is the practice of altering the software that controls an engine of a vehicle, known as its Engine Control Unit or ECU for short. An ECU serves as a computer that manages fuel injection, ignition timing, and other important aspects that impact vehicle performance; by altering these settings, an auto electrician can increase both its power output and torque output while improving fuel economy.

ECU remapping can be accomplished in two main ways - either directly altering its software or through physical chips that modify the default settings of ECUs directly. Both techniques involve adjusting the default settings of ECUs to achieve desired results.

ECU Remapping May Cause Issues

While ECU remapping can significantly enhance vehicle performance, improper implementation could cause complications. Some common drawbacks associated with ECU remapping include:

  • Engine Knock

Engine knock is an often occurring issue caused by ECU remapping, which increases engine power beyond safe limits, often leading to early fuel ignition within an engine's combustion chambers. Engine knock can have severe repercussions for an engine's health; therefore, immediate steps must be taken to address it as soon as possible.

  • ECU Remapping Can Cause Overheating

 Engine overheating may also occur due to ECU remapping, as its cooling system cannot dissipate all the excess heat generated from increased power output by your engine. Overheating may result in engine failure, so it is vitally important that this issue is dealt with immediately.

  • Reduced Fuel Efficiency

While ECU remapping can often help increase a vehicle's fuel efficiency, improper application could reduce it instead. This happens when an ECU modification increases engine output beyond its optimal range and fuel consumption, thus increasing consumption costs.

  • Emissions Issues

Remapping can also create emissions issues, significantly if your engine has been modified to produce more power. These emissions issues could force you to fail emissions tests; to address them quickly, this problem must be dealt with quickly.

Fixing Issues Related to ECU Remapping

If your car is experiencing any difficulties after ECU remapping, it is crucial that you seek professional assistance from our Manchester auto electricians. Our trained expert can diagnose the problem before taking steps to address it.

Restoring default ECU settings when ECU remapping issues arise is the key to solving them successfully. This involves undoing any modifications made to it and returning it back to factory standards. Once the default settings of the ECU have been restored, an auto electrician will assess and address any potential problems with it. This process may include replacing damaged components or upgrading cooling system components and altering engine fuel injection and ignition timing settings to remedy them.

Fault Light Diagnostics

Have you just noticed an unfamiliar warning light suddenly appearing on your dashboard? It can be frightening, particularly when time is of the essence. A fault light indicates something may be wrong with the car and requires immediate attention from you and an auto electrician. Fault Light Diagnostics are auto electrician services that detect potential vehicle issues and provide solutions.

What Are Fault Light Diagnostics?

Vehicle manufacturers use various sensors and diagnostic systems to monitor how their vehicle performs, from sensors that monitor performance to those that identify any faults with it. When detected, warning lights on the dashboard alert drivers of issues.

How Can Our Manchester Auto Electricians Help You

Our Manchester Auto electricians can help you find out the root cause of the issue which is causing the fault like to appear. Their specialised equipment connects directly to the onboard computer system of each car to access its database for diagnostic codes that have been stored there.

These codes provide auto electricians with valuable insight into the nature and location of a fault, making it easier for them to diagnose and rectify it quickly and efficiently.

Examples of Fault Light Issues Motorists In Manchester May Experience

Here are a few warning lights drivers may observe on their dashboards and the issues they could indicate:

  • Engine Warning Light

 An engine warning light usually signifies an issue with your engine, such as loose gas caps or more severe issues, such as malfunctioning oxygen sensors or catalytic converters.

  • Battery Warning Light

 A car's battery warning light may indicate something amiss with its charging systems, such as an unreliable alternator, battery or charging system.

  • Warning Light on Brake System

A brake warning light indicates something faulting with your braking system, from low fluid levels to an issue such as malfunctioning ABS systems.

  • Airbag Warning Light

An airbag warning light signifies an issue with your car's airbag system, be it something simple like a malfunctioning sensor or more severe like an unstable airbag control module.

  • Oil Pressure Warning Light

The oil pressure warning light alerts drivers that there may be an issue with their car's oil pressure system, whether that means something as minor as low oil levels or as severe as an incorrect sensor or pump failure.

Steps to Fix Fault Light Issues

When drivers bring their vehicle for Fault Light Diagnostics, our Manchester auto electrician will follow a set process to assess and remedy potential issues. Here are the steps involved:

  • Step 1: Connect the Diagnostic Equipment

Auto electricians will connect diagnostic equipment to a car's onboard computer system to read any diagnostic codes it may have stored.

  • Step Two: Decipher Diagnostic Codes

Manchester auto electricians specialise in reading diagnostic codes to pinpoint issues in vehicles. Their expertise allows them to assess where and what caused these issues.

  • Step 3: Address the Issue

Once an auto electrician has identified an issue, they will work towards rectifying it. Depending on its nature and severity, this may involve replacing defective parts or repairing damaged wiring.

  • Step 4: Assess and Test Vehicle

Once an issue has been addressed, our Manchester auto electricians will extensively test their work vehicle to ensure all problems have been rectified and that sensors and systems function as they should. They use diagnostic equipment to make this assessment.

Air Conditioning Service

Have you tried using the air con system in your car, only to discover it only provides warm or foul-smelling air? Car air conditioning systems consist of multiple components working in concert to regulate vehicle temperatures - these include the compressor, evaporator, condenser, expansion valve and refrigerant - but over time, wear and tear may lead to leaks, reduced cooling or unpleasant odours resulting from wear-and-tear issues affecting these essential elements of any system.

Regular air conditioning servicing is vital to prevent these problems from emerging. An auto electrician will inspect and test every component in your system, identify any problems early and solve them before they escalate into major ones - all to extend its lifespan and guarantee efficient performance.

Air Con Issues Can Arise If Not Serviced Regularly

If the air conditioning system of a vehicle is not maintained regularly, it could lead to various issues, including:

  • Reduced Cooling - One of the primary effects of failure to regularly service an air conditioning system is reduced cooling. Over time, refrigerant leakage reduces how much cooling the system provides.
  • Bad Odours - Air conditioning vents often emit foul odours due to bacteria and fungus buildup in the evaporator. Still, these issues can usually be eliminated through regular servicing visits by cleaning processes.
  • Compressor Failure - A compressor is an integral component of air conditioning systems that compresses the refrigerant to be circulated throughout. Without regular maintenance, however, its failure can lead to expensive repairs.
  • Electrical Faults - Car air conditioning systems are run off an electrical circuit, which may develop faults over time. Regular service visits can help identify and address these faults before they cause serious issues.

How Our Auto Electrician Can Fix Issues in Your Air Conditioning System

When an issue is discovered during service, an auto electrician will employ standard procedures to address it. These may include:

  • Leak Detection - Should refrigerant leakage be identified, an auto electrician will utilise a leak detection kit to locate and fix it quickly.
  • Recharging of Refrigerant Level - When refrigerant levels fall too low, an auto electrician will recharge your system appropriately.
  • Evaporator Cleaning - If unpleasant odours come from the air conditioning vents, an auto electrician can clean the evaporator to eliminate bacteria and fungus growth.
  • Compressor Replacement - Should your compressor fail unexpectedly, an auto electrician can replace it with a new unit.
  • Electrical Circuit Testing - Once an electrical issue has been identified, Manchester auto electricians will conduct electrical circuit testing to locate and fix it.



How much does an auto electrician cost in Manchester

Prices can range significantly for auto electrician services in Manchester. Installation of a dash cam could run between £40 and £150, while more complex installations will likely incur more fees and callout charges should they arrive outside their regular working hours.


Are you based in Manchester?

Yes, we are based in Manchester.


What services do you provide?

At Skilled Specialist UK, we provide a wide range of auto electrician services, including ECU remapping, fault light diagnostics, air conditioning servicing, immobiliser installation, and stability systems troubleshooting.


What is ECU remapping?

ECU remapping is the process of altering the software that controls the engine of a vehicle, commonly known as the Engine Control Unit (ECU). By changing the default settings of the ECU, an auto electrician can increase the engine's power output and torque output while improving fuel economy.


Can ECU remap cause issues?

Improper implementation of ECU remapping could cause issues such as engine knock, engine overheating, reduced fuel efficiency, and emissions issues. However, our trained experts can diagnose and address any problems.


What are fault light diagnostics?

Fault light diagnostics are auto electrician services that detect potential vehicle issues and provide solutions. Our specialised equipment connects directly to the onboard computer system of each car to access its database for diagnostic codes that have been stored there. These codes provide valuable insight into the nature and location of a fault, making it easier for us to diagnose and fix any issues.

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